Sunday November 24th. Ready to go!

All victualling now complete and the crew are chomping at the bit for the start. The big question is though, what route to take?

Lots of uncertainty with the wind situation and the dockside sea dogs all giving their opinion on likely direction, strength and duration. But that's anough about Nick's digestive situation. We've got a race to win.                                                            

 Just had our first night onboard, and what was likely to have been our last night of good rest.

Once the start gun goes, we'll be into race mode. A very detailed rota of sleep, watch, cook and clean has been developed and a disciplined and rigorous execution will be required if we are to avoid on board anarchy with disastrous consequences, eg Gianni boycotting cooking and we end up on scrambled eggs for two weeks......could solve our wind problem though....


The crew - just before the start.

Las Palmas -all packed and ready to go.

Las Palmas -all packed and ready to go.