Day 6 Nov 29th

Speed: 6.9 knots @ 259.81°

Position at: 29 Nov 2013 16:00 UTC

Lat/Lon: 24° 0.95 N, 025° 52.19 W

DTF: 2099.0 NM

25 kn of wind, rain and lots of clouds -so everyone is down below watching the movie Snatch and having a good time! Luckily a small modification means that the oven can be used so lasagne is back on the menu.

Later that night: in the centre of a squall - everyone on board wide awake.Now that some stars are out one of the crew confess that he is no longer a squall virgin -something to be proud of !? The waves are going down a bit, but the wind is still on the nose -where have the trade winds gone to is what I want to know? We're heading north west in the hope of coming out of the other side of the depression . All on board with a glass of wine in hand and another movie of the screen.