Day 17 Dec 10th

Speed: 8.3 knots @ 234.41°

Position at: 10 Dec 2013 12:00 UTC

Lat/Lon: 17° 13.25 N, 056° 17.36 W

DTF: 362.3 NM

3rd in Racing B

posted on the 12th!

Two days seemingly rolled into one.

We are 300 miles out of St Lucia. The Trade Winds are behind us and we roll with the waves and the wind that is steady around 15 knots.Mr Norris is still confined to his bag and we take turns at the helm to get the optimum ride down the waves to maintain a fast pace.The swell is huge, but regular. It sometimes feels we are 50 feet above the ocean as we crest a wave, before gently - and occasionaly crashingly - slide down the other side. The sun beats down and the temperature down below suggests another uncomfortable night trying to sleep in between watches.

Now to Dec 11th.......