A big thanks to everyone who followed the blog during the Rally.Day 19 Dec 12th Arrived!

Speed: 0.0 knots @ 299.35°

Position at: 12 Dec 2013 08:00 UTC

Lat/Lon: 14° 4.45 N, 060° 56.94 W

DTF: 2.0 NM

3rd in Racing B 

So just after 8:00am  UTC ithe Rally is over and Milanto is safe and sound in Rodney Bay Hope everyone on board is now able to go to sleep on a bulk which for once is flat and still!.I am sure the blog will be fully updated later on.

 She left 24 Nov 12:45  sailed 2835 NM-12 Dec 05:07
corrected elapsed time 18d 9h 20m 30s  Well done to all on board!

After a memorable moonlit downwind sail for the final 20 miles to St Lucia , we first sighted the lights of Martinique and shortly afterwards,St Lucia. It was an immensely satisfying and thrilling feeling after 18 days at sea.

Final preparations were made for the upwind charge to the finish line once we had rounded Pigeon Island and importantly, the Champaign was ready and waiting on ice!

The ARC photographer came out to greet us as we approached the finish line and we crossed at 1:06am local time on on Thursday 12th Dec to hoots of delight from all onboard.

A welcoming rum punch awaited us dockside at Rodney Bay - as did the news that Team Milanto had achieved 3rd place in Racing B division, 6th in all Racing Divisions and 15th on real time out of the entire fleet of boats NOT using the engine. Not bad for such a ragtag bunch of sailors!

In closing, sincere thanks and appreciation to Valerio and Gianni for their guidance and tireless work throughout, to Ros for running the blog and of course to Milanto for capably seeing us through 2,835 mile of blue ocean sailing.

John E, John L,Karl and Nick

Our thanks to all 4  for writing the blog, through the 'thick and thin' of the ARC Rally!