Day 12 Dec 5th

We sailed through the night with "Mr Norris" up, Milantos  spinnaker. This was very tricky as winds were light and variable so avoiding a wrap was very challenging. To cover the watches Vale, Gianni,  John E and Nick took the helm for an hour at a time whilst John L and Karl provided support on 2 hr shifts. It was a long night but by day break we had put 180 miles on the clock over a 24 hr period and most importantly had ourseleves well positioned vis our competition and with regard to the area of high pressure that we are trying to avoid.

Nick got a wrap in the spinnaker about 10 mins before coming off duty at 8am but Vale soon had it sorted and he redeemed himself by helping with a very slick spinnaker gybe later in the day.

Today we have seen a mixture of 15knots to light airs, mainly sunny but with occasional cloud cover. No fish caught today, the boat is probably moving to slowly for the lure to do its work.

As no fresh fish in the larder we have broken out a pigs trotter and Mr Lobek has put his butchery skills to good use once again. Tonight we will dine on pork with potatoes.

We did a stock take on our wine celler today and are pleased to note that we have 18 bottles of wine on board including some sparkling wine to celebrate when we cross that finishing line.

News today is that the first yacht home crossed the line today, Caro. It is one of the super racers, not in our Class but still, an amazing pace and a new ARC record. Well done guys, enjoy a rum and a good rest - party starts in earnest when we get in !

We have now covered 1,720 miles and have 1,119 to go. Best estimate for arrival is  currently 11/12 Dec but much will depend on the next 36 hrs of sailing and whether our tactics to avoid an area of high pressure with no wind are successful.

All crew are very well, enjoying the trip and dare we say getting a little competitive now the end is in sight albeit some 6 days sailing to go.