Day 14 Dec 7th under 1000km to go!

Speed: 8.1 knots @ 243.16°                              Speed: 8.3 knots @ 243.23°

Position at: 07 Dec 2013 08:00 UTC                               Position at: 07 Dec 2013 20:00 UTC

Lat/Lon: 21° 39.90 N, 046° 44.28 W                  Lat/Lon: 20° 57.62 N, 048° 17.80 W

DTF: 962.7 NM                                                DTF: 866.7 NM

5th in Racing B                                                3rd in Racing B

As predicted by Vale the wind shifted to the North East late on the 6th, we gybed onto 260 degrees heading directly to St Lucia and quickly picked up speed to 8 knots. Overnight we maintained this speed with wind of 20 knots and by morning had covered 110 miles since dinner.

Today the wind has remained steady and we have been bowling along at between 8.5 and 10.5 knots. At this time, 1630 Milanto time, we have 844 miles to go

The weather forecast is favorable for the rest of the trip with some periods of stronger winds on our stern and scattered rain but mostly warm and sunny. There is  big sea running but it is helping us on our way and Milano is riding wind and waves beautifully.

We have had a good day with rod and line and have landed two Dorado one of which was a whopper at nearly a meter long it took Karl 20 minutes to reel it in. We are going to have a very fresh fish supper tonight.

Planning  a night at the movies tonight. Its a toss up between a "Tarantino" movie, options are Kill Bill 2, Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs  or something slightly less dark like "Hangover 1 ! Much will depend on our mood after dinner as well as getting the technology to work.

As the miles start to click down now our thoughts are starting to turn to our arrival in St Lucia and reunion with our wives,a stable bed and crisp white sheets not to mention a rum with an ice cold beer chaser. Ahh all sounds good.

ETA looks like late Wed 11 or early 12th.