Day 15 Dec 8th

Speed: 7.9 knots @ 238.49°

Lat/Lon: 19° 50.66 N, 050° 39.64

WDTF: 716.2 NM

4th in Racing B

A fairly balmy night in which winds held strong and we covered a great deal of distance. At supper last night we had 800 miles to complete, by early morning we had chalked off another 70. This morning we made the decision to unfurl Mr Norris - our super light spinnaker - once again to make the most of the steady prevailing wind and we took it in turns at the helm to carve our way through a big sea - huge but regular swell - at  a fast pace fluctuating between 7 and 10 knots.

The day has been very warm and those members of the crew who are follicaly challenged have had to take extra precautions, including factor 500 sun cream and large brim hats.

Still no sign of any other yachts although we did spy a vessel early this evening but heading in a different direction. They clearly don't want to mess with us. As it stands late this afternoon we are lying in 4th place for our class, but, 6th overall out of the 253 boats that started 2 weeks ago.

We are all now very focused on getting into St Lucia as quickly as possible - 641 miles to go as of 19:30 hrs - to secure a very cold beer hence we will be looking to maximise progress overnight.