First day out

After a fantastic start when we were surfing at an incredible 11kn. down some big waves the wind died and we got stuck under the island . We had to work all night  by pointing south and pulling sails up and down. Everyone was getting pretty fed up with all the sails flapping, finally the main was dropped and a tiny patch of genoa was left out until finally we found the wind again around 5 am  and the expected 15/20 kn. of wind reappeared from nowhere!

Position at 26 Nov 2014 00:00UTC

26 26 N 018.40 W 

DFT 2480.8 NM

148 NM sailed

If you would like to follow Milanto please go to :

World Cruising

This link takes you to the Yellow Brick -an online system where you can follow Milanto and all the other boats. Our friends on board Monomotapa are doing well but they have a lot of guys on board so  the spinnaker is up!