More Mahi-mahi.....

Speed: 7.5 knots @ 252.29°


Position at: 02 Dec 2014 12:00 UTC

Lat/Lon: 21° 15.34 N, 038° 22.54 W

DTF: 1359.7 NM

Distance (last 24hrs): 165 NM


good afternoon, this is herbert again, on board of MILANTO on her cruise to St.Lucia.
our position now is 24 47 475 N, 36 08 161 W, bearing 258 at app. 8Kts, still 1490Nm to go, 1157Nm already done.
What a day. pure sunshine, rainbows in the morning, 20Kts of wind. washing t-shirts on board, breaking a spinaker and enjoying Valerios birthdayparty on board with a cake done by Carla a well as a beautiful chilli to protect him and the ship. Josef got a neclace of real chillis to protect him from exidents on board. champagne and singing. we swapped now to the bigger spi - let's see what the night will bring with this.
the last days have been calm and comfortable, at last we left the rainclouds and the cold behind us, as well as the crosswinds. the fishing-bet between Josef and me is now 1all as I also got a nice MahiMahi yesterday. day by day I get more and more used to the rythm of the day- and nightshifts. I have no problems anymore to find my equipment in the dark night and to adjust oilskin, vest and harness, headlamp and AIS. god bless the invention of the autohelm.
best regards to all of you from us