Speed: 7.9 knots @ 255.73°


Position at: 03 Dec 2014 04:00 UTC  Lat/Lon: 20° 37.50 N, 040° 35.56 W

DTF: 1229.9 NM  Distance (last 24hrs): 188 NM

10th in All Racing Division  40th in All boats  7th in Racing B  for now expected arrival in St Lucia Dec 9th. The first yacht<,Leopard by Finland, has arrived today -congratulations- but she is 100 foot long, so that helps!

Water was literally chucked at us, winds gusting 30 kn.The spinnaker was still p, so the boat knocked sideways, however we managed to pull her back, sort the sails, now running with a small genoa and have go below,utterly exhausted by all the effort.Milanto is truly great!

Monomotapa in the thick of it but all are OK too ,despite winds upto 35kn. It all suddenly became a war zone-totally out of the blue.