Be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10:16).

This is why , in Medieval and Renaissance imagery  Prudence holds a snake in one hand and a mirror in the other to see behind her. This has been our method for the last two days, slipping between one storm front and another, snake-ing along the edges of the 'eye'. We still had strong gusts of wind which tested the crew to the limit but the strategy  set out by our tactically wily Captain Valerio appears to be a winner and we are now running along with 25 knots of wind. The genoa is 'butterflied'  and the three metre rollers are pushing us towards the Azores. Having come out unscathed by the danger each and every one of us feels strengthened  and happy to have been through this experience which really  hit us hard and we are now stronger friends for it. The waves are breaking under strong sunshine and the whales are showing their tails in the distance.



It is so pathetic -I actually dreamt about Facebook, the dream had no sense and was totally insignificant but  it is still embarrassing even to write this! I cannot even post it if I wanted to until I arrive anyway. Beside the odd email that we are writing just to let people know we are alive we are totally out of contact. Last night Stefano and I tried to communicate with a passing Korean cargo boat. the reply we got was from an ancient old women who listed a litany of misadventures. So be it. The ocean is truly a weird place. Thirteen days now spent in 13 metres and we have not been driven mad......or maybe we just have not noticed! So I am leaving you with a question: if , in your spare time, if you had no social media, what you you get up to? Please go on the the Save the Nerd website and we will add your comments to our research and documentary.


posiTion 32 03 N 39 37 W  //detox 35%//-  650 miles to the Azores
Position at  22:45:04 BST  16 May 2014

Position at  22:45:04 BST  16 May 2014