So close now! Less than 8 hours............

Speed: 7.6 knots @ 266.56°

Position at: 10 Dec 2014 00:00 UTC

Lat/Lon: 13° 58.80 N, 059° 58.06 W

DTF: 59.1 NM  Estimated arrival 07.55 UTC  Dec 10th

Distance (last 24hrs): 178 NM

7th in All Racing Division

35th in All boats

5th in Racing B

It will be dark still in the Caribbean so time to get some rest before the friends on board Monomotapa and everyone on  Milanto party tomorrow evening. What a great way to end a fabulous trip. Congratulations to all on board both yachts!

A big thank you to all who followed us across the Atlantic and also to the team at World Cruising for another great ARC Rally.