.....and on the 5th day

The 5th day of sailing 15 knots of wind and high pressure over Milanto as she sails close-hauled towards the Azzores . We have seen our first smallish whales who seem quite shy! They appear,or at least I like to think so, that my guitar music, especially the  ballads and less so  the rock & roll, attracts them!   Have seen stunning dawns and sunsets and moral is high among the crew . Our 'nerd'  is learning to tie knots, trim the sails, and take a reef too. Today, a break-through ,for the first time he has not woken up talking about video games and apps! The cure has begun.

Yesterday, a large cargo ship passed by 4 miles from us, the first  life form seen on this infinite expanse of water since we left Antigua . At night the waves seem like hills which move slowly rising up under the keel . The ocean breathes and makes one feel  part of a large and natural organism. This reminds me of the words of the great mystic Angelus Silesius: "The Rose is without a 'wherefor'—she blooms because she blooms." (The Cherubinic Pilgrim -1657).

Lorenzo Cipriani

Si susseguono albe e tramonti stupendi.........

Si susseguono albe e tramonti stupendi.........

Position UTC 13.26  22.38N 54.10W DTG to the  Azzorre 1622M