June 2nd Leaving Gibraltar

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Looking towards Africa

Looking towards Africa

The  Trafalgar Cemetery

The Trafalgar Cemetery

Sailing towards Gibraltar is no laughing matter -the wind really does need to be in the right direction so you have to admire another sailor who, getting the wind and tide on his side took the day at Trafalgar. Nelson knew his stuff. Once through the Tarifa headland you're inside and myths like the Odyssey and Hercules and intrepid sailors like the Phoenicians come to mind. Gibraltar is a giant natural limestone fortress  with a stytem of tunnels and gun batteries.If you walk to the top, out of the horrible town below you can see a magnificent view across the water towards Marocco. This narrow strip of water divides two continents and  two cultures.

An unexpected sight was the cemetery dedicated to the fallen from the Battle of Trafalgar 1805  - a mini version of Highgate Cemetery. Grave stones dedicated to men as young as 20; although on a historic note most fallen were buried at sea and the graves here were yellow fever casualties.

Save the nerd sbarca a Gibilterra: benvenuti laddove un mondo finisce e ne inizia un altro

Tappa sulla terraferma per l'equipaggio di Save the nerd. "Gibilterra, una vedetta su due mondi divisi dallo stretto, luogo di incontro. O di fuga verso l'ignoto"  to see the rest http://www.lanazione.it/pistoia/curiosita/2014/06/02/1073574-save_nerd_sbarca_gibilterra_benvenuti_laddove_mondo_finisce_inizia_altro.shtml