The writer has surfaced!

good morning!
this is herbert, aboard the MILANTO on her cruise from LasPalmas to St.Lucia. after two days of seasickness I am back to life again - and I can tell you, you cant imagine how happy I am about that. here we are - in the middle of nowhere, no better place to be. to be a little more accurate: 25.10.07N,23.16.09, bearing 257 at approximatly 8kts.
Due to my not well being, I missed the first blog, so please excuse any repititions, as well please excuse my poor english (I am not improving much on that with so many Italians on board). Furthermore I have to fight this keyboard, where the numbers are stuck and the keys are mixed in the britain order.
well, there is a lot to tell. short after the start Valerio got us to see dolphines, turtles and flying fish. This was much more than to be expected - so what more has he got in mind for us for all the days to come? I am curious and looking forward to it. Josef, our master of competitionfishing is chainging the bait every hour - the three of us have a bet runnig, who's lure will bring the biggest fish. in sunny weather with a nice wind of 18kts we are enjoying the calm sea. whoever want's to learn about a love between a ship and a man should come here and watch Valerio and his "Lady" MILANTO. She calms down whenever he touches her, he motivates her to encrease speed by doing some small turns at the winch, and smooth she dives into the waves due to a small change of direction. he is taking care of her and she cares about him. The old lady may have some tweaks, but Valerio also is not a teen anymore. They grew up together obviously. it's almost a hidden vocabulary they share. she gives a small clank with the beam or shows her knickers by flapping the genua and he is up and on board to her attention. and while he sleeps (mainly at the small cot in the navigationcorner), she is cruising on her own and protecting captain and crew, under this wonderful starfilled sky. I love to watch him, when he intends any manoever. than he is standing on the stairs, fitting his hairband, looking up into the sails - in silence - and holding a nonverbal communication with his "Lady". shall we shake out the reef my dear? What do you think about rolling out the Genua myLADY, would this be fine for you? may I help you out with a second sail in front,sweetheart? And whatever the answer is, it will be just between the two of them. then he climbs on deck, moves there like a cat, almost as if the movement of the ship supports his forthcoming. he raises his foot - and up comes the deck to support his step; he stretches out his hand - and a small shuggle of the boat puts the vant in his hand. lines get rigged, tightened and reefed, sails moved, set, gibbed and back he is again at the stairs, looking up again, with the nonespoken question: are you fine now my best? as an answer we only get a small spray from the next wave, but I am sure, Valerio can hear her say: I am grateful for your understanding and forward looking my captain - and on she goes, never tired. If you need something to laugh about, you should watch me - moving around on deck. compared to me, a turtle looks like a ballettdancer on toetips.
my greatest thanks go to Carla and Josef, who took care of me in the hours of dying. "herbert, you have to eat this rice!" Carla said and confronted me with a big bowl of cooked rice. I couldn't even look at it first. but ricecorn by ricecorn, spoon by spoon I tried to fullfill her demand. once I finished the bowl and recovered some sleep I returned to the living. Carla is at the moment our chef de cuisine, but I am looking forward to help out once I am in form again. Carla, as a professional skipper, gives Valerio all the helping hand he needs. even Josef is on deck to shake out the reef or to shuffle with the lines - up to now I am just luggage to be worried about. So Valerio put me here to write the blog - hopefull that I will not damage anything.
FISH, FISH, FISH, what an upraor on deck! camera out, jumping up the stairs - and a very disappointed Josef gives me a "fuck-lost". So it's probably going to be lasagne this evening and not sushi.
so far so good!
all the best till soon

The famous sailing school at Caprera -not a dry eye!

All the young students came out to greet Milanto and lowered their sails as a sign of respect ! Luckily the blue ensign was up in time. Valerio and Lorenzo were stunned by the welcome and at 7pm  there will be a small celebration and a conference  for Save the Nerd. This is THE sailing school to send your kids to.

Check out the stunning website:

Centro Velico Caprera (CVC) is one of the oldest Italian sailing schools and also one of the largest of the Mediterranean sea. Since its foundation in 1967 it has been attended by over 100,000 students. The legal head office is located at La Maddalena and the base of operations is situated on the island of Caprera, on the Maddalena archipelago. CVC is a non-profit organisation and a member of the ISSA (International Sailing School Association).