Day 18 Dec 11th

Speed: 7.6 knots @ 234.22°

Position at: 11 Dec 2013 12:00 UTC

Lat/Lon: 15° 29.04 N, 059° 3.63 W

DTF: 169.2 NM

3rd in Racing B

150 miles to go. This will be our last day at sea. Another beautiful day for sailing. Big swell, consistent wind and bright clear skies.We make good progress at around 8 knots and still resist putting up the spinnaker that has proven difficult to handle - our first choice spinnaker having been torn early on in the campaign. This afternoon we relaxed on deck and compared beards. Knot tying lessons have been suspended and fishing was aborted after a suspected Marlin ripped through our lure. Spirits are high.

62 miles to go. Our estimated arrival time is around 1:00 am Thursday 12th.

After 16 days at sea during which the Milanto has seen us through high winds and high seas and through which it has been impossible to stand upright without hanging off the grab rails or any other anchor point, we wonder how we will cope with dry land. General consensus is that a Rum shot with a cold beer chaser will sort us out pretty quickly, a remedy endorsed by the ships designated First Aider/Paramedic, who has also doubled up as the ships cocktail mixologist without even a hint of irony.

ension and excitement is building as we await first sight of land. There is also a touch of sadness that our journey together as the crew of Milanto is drawing to a close. Its been a great adventure that has bonded us together in a shared experience.

Next blog will follow after crossing the finishing line, more news about our performance in racing Division 2 and overall position will follow tomorrow.

PS just as darkness was falling upon Milanto, for the last time at sea, we were visited by a pod of 10 Dolphin that played in our bow wave for about 20 mins. What a great way to end our last day at sea !

Tired but extremely happy to have finished.

Tired but extremely happy to have finished.