Not always easy............but listen to the nerd!

Finally the Rai crew managed to reach us on the satellite phone

listen to :   in Italian from around 14.20 mins from the start of Caterpillar show! the crew  is not that expert, especially the Nerd ,we have of course opted for the safest and therefore not the faster route to the Azores..We have reached a point father north than the actual route, so the winds have died somewhat  but this should now take us in an easier way down to the Azores.Tuesday evening the low pressure  should reach us and then for three days we should be Ok, staying just out of the centre of the storm where the weather is an unknown of strong rusts and hard rain.. One of the crew is not feeling too well right now which is bad luck but we are kepping moral high on a diet of homemade lasagne  and meat sauce! Reached half way  pos Monday 12th  at 1400 utc30 13 n 49 10 w 1130 to go

Updated Tuesday 13th to pos at 0930 utc 30 40n 47 44 w 1050 to go