Day 9 Dec 2nd

Speed: 6.7 knots @ 254.87°                                  Speed: 6.7 knots @ 250.54°

Position at: 02 Dec 2013 08:00 UTC               Position at: 02 Dec 2013 16:00 UTC

DTF: 1723.4 NM                                                   DTF: 1670.5 NM

Lat/Lon: 23° 53.04 N, 032° 50.77 W                      Lat/Lon: 23° 38.44 N, 033° 46.21 W


4th in Racing B                                                       4th in Racing B

Sailing towards the sunset

Sailing towards the sunset

With the weather improving, time to do the washing!

With the weather improving, time to do the washing!

As the sea finally started to calm down and the winds dropped to around 20 knots late Day 7, we secured an extra birthday gift for Vale by way of catching a monster fish. Another Dorado, it was huge. John E expertly landed it into the safe hands of John 'the buthcher/fishmonger/don't look under the new patio' Lobek, who clinically attended to it before passing it on to Gianni to work his culinary genius.

We enjoyed an excellent meal, relieved at last that Day 8 would be calmer. Indeed that night was uneventful; no major squalls, a mere smattering of rain, no high seas, and a decent nights sleep around the watch rota. This morning was bright and sunny and we have taken advantage of the relatively flat sea to attend to those duties impossible during the gale. Cleaning the cabin, washing floors and, most importantly, washing clothes. The sea is rich with plankton which may be good news for whales, but, get it on your clothes, which you cant avoid when several hundred gallons have poured over the deck in the last week,and you end up smelling like a well matured Gorgonzola. This afternoon we threw the spinnaker up and with winds dropping down to +/- 15 knots, we are keen to maintain our 7/8 knot speed through the night. So it will be a tiring one but at least in less dramatic circumstances than before. News from ARC control suggests we have moved up the running order and with our nose pointing directly to St Lucia,we are focused on a strong finish.

Day 8 Dec 1st

Speed: 7.3 knots @ 248.97°

Position at: 01 Dec 2013 20:00 UTC

Lat/Lon: 24° 15.21 N, 031° 22.55 W

DTF: 1809.0 NM

4th in Racing B

Looks like they are finally out and on the other side, speeding along with the wind on their side

Please read the update on Day 7 -a three day blog rolled into one due to the weather

Will hopefully update Day 8 tomorrow!

for a comment re the weather here is a link to the ARC Rally website

Still not that warm.............

Still not that warm.............

...........but no shortage of fresh fish. A lovely dorade for supper.

...........but no shortage of fresh fish. A lovely dorade for supper.

Day 5 Nov 28th

we awoke to a becalmed sea, a clear sky and the prospect of a Days sun bathing. No wind turned the ocean into a mirror.The calm gave us the opportunity to throw JE over the starboard to try and free the propeller, it having become entangled in our fishing line following an ill conceived '360 doughnut' executed the previous day. JE - the consumate professional he is - did an outstanding job cutting the line and retaining some important tackle. (in fact, whether the success of this mission was done to JE's tenacity or our threat not to let him back on the boat, we will never know)

The calm gave us the opportunity to do some washing, read, fish and catch some rays. ( thats sun rays, not the fish!)

But they were too smart to take the bait.

A couple of hours later we were visited by 3 Pilot whales. they were as big as our boat and circled us  at about 30 metres for about an hour.

They were feeding off the large quantity of plankton that seemed to follow us and which was responsible for the magnificent phospherescence, regularly surfacing to vent and breathe.

e celebrated our good fortune with small G&T and were feeling quite pleased with ourselves until Vale delivered the news potentially going to experience some heavy weather tonigh with up to 30 knot gusts. A test for our waterproofs.

In case you have not tracked the fleet yet use this link  


Speed: 2.1 knots @ 254.38°

Position at: 29 Nov 2013 00:00 UTC

Lat/Lon: 24° 19.51 N, 024° 4.44 W

DTF: 2179.7 NM

13th in Racing B