Sail back across the Atlantic from the Caribbean


This year we are intending to take part in the 2nd Edition of The Atlantic Back Cruising Rally which will depart from Guadeloupe on May 12th, 2019.

Prior to departure there will be a welcome reception and a week of tourist activities hosted by the Marina Bas du Fort in Pointe Présence à Pitre.

The transatlantic return from the Caribbean, west to east, makes a passage via the Azores to the south of Spain. At around 3500NM, the crossing is varied and can be challenging.

The trip is divided into two legs, and you can join for either or both.

Leg 1 - Guadeloupe to the Azores - approx. 2400NM

Each year the weather is different, but typically our route will take us up to about latitude 30º north, where we turn to the east, skirting the Azores high pressure system. The passage is around 14-17 days and the weather is dominated by the Azores High.

Leg 2 - Azores to Gibraltar - approx. 1100NM

There is a planned stop for a few days in the Azores, where the organisers will welcome the boat upon arrival and assist with any activities you may wish to do in order to explore the island. It is at this point where you can leave the boat or continue towards the final destination of Gibraltar.

After a stopover in the Azores we head south east towards Gibraltar. At the end of May/early June the conditions can be variable, often with the famous Portuguese trade winds [NE] providing an exciting fast reach. This leg takes about 7 days

Being part of an organised rally allows us to have a crossing that is both sociable and friendly, but most important as safe as possible.

Every boat will be equipped with a satellite positioning tag and then the Maritime Authority tracks each boat by using the position sent automatically every two hours. The organisers intend to track the boat until we reach our final destination port. There will also be daily weather reports and special weather bulletins if necessary.

Please see the official ABC website and Facebook page for more information:

If you are interested in joining us for the Atlantic Back Cruising Rally 2019, please contact us for further information.

Some videos from previous Transat Crossings


Offshore passage, Gibraltar to Gran Canaria - approx. 700NM. Join Milanto for a delivery cruise down to the Canaries. It is a fun sail, and a great way to get into ocean sailing and experience life onboard for days at a time and hopefully in some autumn sunshine. You have the chance to get used to a watch system and other duties - and for anyone doing the ARC this leg can be a valuable training experience.

If you are interested in joining us for shorter deliveries and positioning trips in either the Caribbean or Mediterranean, please contact us for further information.