This is an exciting opportunity to be part of the world's largest trans-ocean sailing rally. Some 250 yachts will be leaving Las Palmas, Gran Canaria on 24th November 2019 and arrive in St Lucia, in the Caribbean, an estimated 15-18 days later. The ARC is a chance for everyone, with different sailing experiences, to live the dream.

Swan yachts are built to sail oceans in safety, comfort and with great performance. Milanto participates almost every year, with results that speak for themselves: 2004 - 2nd in Racing Division 2 and 4th overall; 2006 - 4th in Racing Division 2; 2011 – 3rd in Racing Division 2; 2012 - 5th in Racing Division 2. In 2013 Milanto came 3rd in Racing Division 2 and won the Nautor Swan Transatlantic Cup; 2014 4th in Racing Division 2 and again won the Nautor Swan Transatlantic Cup; 2015 - 5th in Racing Division 2. In 2017 - 2nd in Racing Division B and for the third time, the Nautor Transatlantic Cup; 2018 - 4th in Racing Division 2 and 6th overall.

2018 was the 11th ARC Rally for Valerio, so you can count on a lot of experience and feel safe in his and Milanto's 'hands'.

Read Milanto's logs from the ARC website to get an idea of the experience that awaits you:

Dates for ARC 2019

Gran Canaria - Saint Lucia Direct

11       Nov     ARC Office opens in Las Palmas

17       Nov     Last date for boat arrivals in Las Palmas

24       Nov     Start day!

12-17  Dec     Majority of ARC boats arrive in Rodney Bay

20        Dec     ARC finish line closes, 12:00 local time

21        Dec     Prize giving ceremony

Summary info from 2018 Rally: 
Departure: 25th Nov 12:45. 
Arrival: 11 Dec 08:06 UTC. 
Time at sea: 15d 19h 21m 40s 
2809 NM. 

What to expect:

Crew will join Milanto in Gran Canaria 2-3 days before the start, to settle in, become familiar with the boat and join the parties. On board you will be involved in all aspects of sailing an ocean crossing, standing watches, steering, changing sails, cooking if you want to, or fishing and catching supper if you plan to be the star of the trip!

For your safety we recommend you undertake the ISAF/RYA Sea Survival Course prior to the trip.

We are now taking enquiries and bookings for ARC 2019, either for whole-boat charter, small groups or as individuals. 

Package includes:

  • Delicious home-made food whilst at sea

  • Race entry fees

  • Individual crew entry fee

  • Mooring fee

  • All safety equipment

  • Crew polo shirt

  • Bedding

  • Entry passes to the pre- and post- ARC seminars and parties

  • No 'hot' bunking

  • Sail training session

  • Skipper and mate

Excluded are:

  • Flights, transfers, shoreside accommodation and personal insurance. 

ARC 2012


Celebrating Valerio's Birthday: Dec 1st

Steve, Angus, Valerio, Josh, Jan, Michael, Keith - thanks to Marie for holding the camera!

Sailing into Rodney Bay

Sailing into Rodney Bay

ARC 2013

The 2013 crew, happy to have crossed the line in Rodney Bay

The 2013 crew, happy to have crossed the line in Rodney Bay

                                     Fantastic short video of the crossing in 2013

The record of the passage & The great result of 3rd, which included winning the nautoR swan cup

The record of the passage & The great result of 3rd, which included winning the nautoR swan cup

 ARC 2015

The start and finish!

And the 'in between'! 

ARC 2017

We had a great passage over the Atlantic with Milanto. We encountered some strong headwinds early on but Milanto and its skipper, Valerio Bardi, handled the new reality perfectly and we finished 2nd in our class as we pulled in to Rodney Bay on a sunny Saturday afternoon after 20 days at sea.On top of the wonderful passage, Valerio shared his knowledge on how to sail an ARC, which improved our knowledge of ocean sailing.
— Joakim Dovrén and Sivert Hallberg, ARC 2017.
My name is Beppe and I come from Italy. I was aboard Milanto during the last ARC 2017. Valerio is the NUMBER ONE both as OWNER/SKIPPER and as a friend. He is always at your disposal to teach you something about sailing the ocean or to start a joke.
Mrs. KAREN BAX is the perfect ‘BOAT MANAGER’, ready day and night to offer you a special ‘cup of….’ and to take care of your comfort on board.
So if you want to live a unique experience on a unique sailing boat spending some happy hours in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean or looking at the nighttime sky for shooting stars and improving your way to sail downwind using ‘THE BEAST’ (a nice spinnaker), then get up and stand up, call Valerio to reserve your place on MILANTO. I’ll do it again, every time that I’ll be able to do it. Last thing: during our ARC 2017 we won THE SWAN CUP as the best Swan boat in the Atlantic crossing.
— Giuseppe Albersa, ARC 2017.
the 2017 Arc crew at the finish line

the 2017 Arc crew at the finish line

ARC 2018

You know how one can say, ‘that guy is a real character?’ That’s what Milanto’s skipper Valerio will be in my book too. An old-school sea dog, but still updated and in pace with our times. Extremely knowledgeable yet low key. Full of stories, yet keen to listen to yours. Since I have been in some really life challenging situations at sea I asked myself, after a few days on Milanto; ‘Can I trust my life to this guy?’ The answer was a clear ‘Yes’. Safety for the crew and the boat is top of his list. I think both Milanto and Valerio are best suited for sailors with fairly solid sailing experience. 
— Marcus Jibréus, ARC 2018
Crossing the Atlantic Ocean on board Milanto during the last ARC enabled me to fulfil a childhood dream. Being able to do so on such a classic yacht with such a great bunch of people (8 sailors from 7 countries) was a bonus. Our skipper Vale, and first mate Karen ensured we crossed safely, whilst at the same time allowing each of us to be as fully involved with the sailing of the boat as we felt comfortable with. Lazy days, exciting days, great fishing, excellent food, terrible jokes, repairs as required and above all swapping the hustle and stress of modern life for the peace and tranquility of nature in its purest sense created an experience I’ll never forget.
— Graham Boyes, ARC 2018

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