This round-the-world journey takes 15 months and covers 26,000 nautical miles.

Just those simple facts, make this the real adventure of a lifetime.

A smaller fleet of around 40 boats provides a more intimate community atmosphere allowing participants to really meet and socialise with all of the other crews, along with providing the right amount of reassurance knowing that support is close at hand during the circumnavigation.

The experienced Rally team meet the boats in every port and are there to provide support and advice, along with organising a range of social and sightseeing activities, making sure you don’t miss out on any of the best aspects of every destination.

The Route

Join us for the 10th anniversary of the World ARC (WARC) following this tried and tested Rally route.

The Rally starts and finishes in St Lucia, departing on the 11th January, 2020 and arriving back in early April 2021. Following the trade winds route, the itinerary ensures that we will cross the Pacific and Indian oceans during the fastest period, at the height at the trade wind season.

The route leaves from the Caribbean towards the Panama Canal, then across to explore the wonders of the Galapagos islands. Then we make one of the longest ocean passages possible before being rewarded with the incredible raw beauty of the numerous Pacific islands.

Next is Australia, snorkelling and diving the famous Great Barrier Reef, then onto volcanic Lombok before crossing the Indian Ocean, in the end arriving in Cape Town for Christmas. Carnival in Brazil awaits us after crossing another ocean with a quick stop at Napoleon’s prison in St. Helena. After exploring the Brazilian coast we return to the Caribbean region and finally back to St. Lucia.

Safety is always the primary concern of the WARC organisers, therefore the itinerary avoids areas of political instability, piracy and storm seasons, whilst still including some of the most remote and unspoiled worldwide destinations.

Each yacht is also fitted with a satellite tracker which provides automatic position updates so that family and friends can follow our progress.

Our itinerary has been divided into legs, most of them lasting approximately a month. Some are ocean passages with high mileage and some are pure cruising and touring oriented. Then some are a combination of both - long passages mixed with shorter exploratory cruises.

Please get in touch for more information and details on each of the legs.