The Route

Sail around the world following the classic tradewinds route, the rally takes place over 15 months, covering 26,000 nautical miles. The rally starts and finishes in St Lucia, setting sail in early January 2020 and arriving back in April 2021.

The route goes through the Panama Canal, across to Galapagos and then through the islands of the Pacific. Next is Australia exploring the Great Barrier Reef, then Lombok and across the Indian Ocean to Cape Town. Then its Carnival in Brazil before returning to the Caribbean and St. Lucia.

Why the World ARC?

As part of an organised event everyone taking part benefits from the camaraderie of sharing this unique event with around 20 to 30 other yachts. As part of the rally many shoreside activities, tours and parties are included and of course the organisers know all the best anchorages and places to visit.

World ARC is a mix of cruising in company and free time to explore. The pace of the rally allows the fleet to stay together, and to enjoy shore-side activities as a group. There are longer free cruising periods that allow participants to fly home for work or family, or to travel further by air; for example to Easter Island, New Zealand or Madagascar.

Check out the World ARC website for more information:

Each yacht is fitted with a satellite tracker and blogs and photos can be posted on the event website allowing friends and family back home to follow your adventures. On Milanto we have broken down the trip into legs, each lasting around a month. Some are more cruising orientated, with shorter mileages to cover, some have a combination of longer passages mixed in with shorter cruises, whilst others are full ocean legs.

Please contact us with your enquiries.